About Us


Richard Koza founder of MyWPStaff

My name is Richard Koza, and I‘m founder and CEO of MyWPStaff project.

I‘ve worked on the Internet since 1995. My first business was running Internet access servers and Web servers. Later, I started other projects using the Internet, quite often using WordPress for many projects. I found that maintenance and support for technical issues related to running a WordPress site is time-consuming.

I like to do technical stuff so I decided to do maintenance, management, and other related tasks myself. I saw also many friends and business partners struggle to maintain their WordPress websites. I helped them with this task, and that was the start. It finally led to a separate business project, MyWPStaff, a WordPress maintenance and support service for entrepreneurs and companies.

I‘m glad our path crossed. I will do the best together with my team to be YOUR WordPress staff.



FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is MyWPStaff?

MyWPStaff is maintenance and support service for WordPress websites. We do technical support for you, like regular backups (and recovery, if needed); WordPress system, themes, and plugin updates and installations; and other on-demand WordPress support.

Is MyWPStaff for me?

If you‘re a WordPress site owner who doesn‘t want to occupy yourself with all that tech related to running a WordPress site, then MyWPStaff is for you. We will take care of all technical aspects of running your website so you can concentrate on your main business. That means more time for you to do what you like to do.