Tips for better productivity: time management

Time management is a really favourite topic these days. It’s one of the most important parts of every project that you are working on. Not sure? I would like to convince you in this article.

So, what’s is the time management about? It is a process of organizing and planning how to divide your time between specific activities. Good time management enables you to work more effectively and more productive. How can you attain this go? It’s easy, follow the tips below.

Tips for the right time management

Do the most important things first!

You should choose priorities for every single step and finish them first. It will make your work easier because after finishing these most important tasks (maybe the hardest too) you know exactly how much time remains to deadline.

Learn to say NO!

There are  lots of disturbing elements all around us and you will definitely meet them during working on your project. Maybe just some of your friends ask you to help them with something, maybe you can get an offer for another task. Don’t be afraid to say no, and keep working on the divided project!

Sleep at least for 7 hours

Eight hours better. It doesn’t matter if you better work at night or during the day, always count with sleeping. The sleep is one of the most important parts of the day and the rested mind is the productive one!

Prepare a To Do List

It will help you!  We talked about the To Do List few days ago in the special article. But it is necessary to remind this tool again. The list of all steps that you have to do to accomplish your project will help you not just to see your progress but also to make your work easier.

Leave the time for rest between tasks

It is not possible to work sixteen hours per day. Take time between all steps on your To Do List, just a few minutes, to re-buffer yourself.

Establish a time limit for each task

… and what is important – try to stand it by! If you have even a little idea of lenght some task, it will help you, a lot!

and last but not least…


Don’t let yourself to be disturbed by any social network, email, or anything else during your work time. Just log off from all apps and don’t take care about any notices.

Tools can help you!

There are many tools that can help you with organizing your time. For example Toggl is a very useful web app. It is kind of a timer, which you can start when you begin to work and stop it after finishing it. You can also write the name of the task and after completion or staffs you can check a detailed report, which can also help you with thenext project.


And that’s all! I hope that this article will help you with the questions about your time management and now you can be even more productive than before.

Do you have your own methods or tips for better time management? Share them in comments below.