How to edit pictures in WordPress

Very principal part of each article is an illustration such as videos or images. If you have ever published any post, you also know how long the work with the pictures can be. First at all you should choose right pictures, for this goals you can choose from many databases such as Shutterstock. Bitmap or vector editors can be too complicated for beginners, maybe you just do not want to waste your time to study them, or you just have to blog on the go from the computer without any specialized software. WordPress developers make this task much easier. There is a simple image editor, which can be easily handled by everybody. It permits you to rotate, revert or crop pictures and change image scale. So in this article we will show you how to edit pictures in WordPress.

First steps of editing pictures in WordPress

The first thing you have to accomplish is to upload a picture, which you would like to use in your article. You can do it via “Media > Add New” in the left bar. In this case you can choose between multi-file and browser’s built-in fileuploader.

Or you can add images when writing the post in the text editor by clicking on “Add Media” button and selecting them from the computer.

After the upload, you just click on the edit button over the picture.

Editing pictures in WordPress – rotating and reverting

If you would like to rotate or revert the image you can use four square

buttons in the left corner. These buttons will allow you to rotate images to the left or to the right or revert them horizontally or vertically. There is also “step back” and “step forward” button at disposal

Image crop

With this basic image editor, you can also crop your picture or change your image scale. For cropping just select the desired area by computer mouse and click on the square button with crop symbol. This area can be chosen by dragging crop points or you can just rewrite the selection in the image crop area. There is also an option for managing aspect ratio, which is used to prevent pixel deformation.

This bar is also called “Scale image” section. You can change the image resolution here.

We hope that this article will help you to manage the basic editing via the WordPress image editor. In case that you would like to use more elaborate tool, here are few tips for specialized plugins.

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