and have these benefits now


Use our automatic backup system that regularly back ups your website to several different servers. We store your complete WordPress website, including all your content and media, securely in our backup location—just in case. If really something weird happens, and everything crashes, we can restore your site at no additional charge.


Performance optimization

Slow websites kill any business. Let us help you to improve performance of your site. Your site will deliver content to your readers faster to help you sell your products and services. We will check plugins, themes, images, and even your Web hosting provider to improve your site performance.



Updates and installations

Suppliers continuously develop your WordPress software, themes and plugins so they need regular updates. We do it automatically for you.

Do you need to install a new plugin? Do you need to ensure it will work with your site? Just leave it to us; we‘ll test it and install it for you.



Security and safety

We‘ll help you to secure your site against hackers. Hackers try to break into many websites every day. We‘re here to be on your side in this fight. We set up the best security rules for your site and will do regular security monitoring.



On-demand support

Did something go wrong when you tried to modify your WordPress site? Do you need to do something with your theme design, plugins‘ settings, or something else? Just ask, we‘re ready to help you with any WordPress request.



Web migration

Do you need to move your website to another host or server? Our team is here to help you.


and free yourself from all that tech tasks