How to customize your WordPress admin navigation menu

If you have ever worked in the specialized software like a Photoshop or Premiere you have undoubtedly found that customized workspace is a really important thing during all creative process, it makes work a lot of easier and faster for you. The same also applies to working with WordPress. Here are some tips how to adjust your WordPress admin menu according to your ideas.

Maybe you ask yourself why I should change default menu? It’s so clear and straightforward.  But if you install some plugins, it can look messy.

There are two ways how to adapt it. First of them is to install a specialized plugin to do this task for you and the second one is manually editing the source code of website via programming language PHP.

Admin Menu Editor

Admin Menu Editor is a special plugin for the organization side admin menu. You can re-order items, rename items, hide the items you don’t need, add page separators, make submenus and create top – level menus with it.

After installing the plugin, you just go to Settings and after that to Menu Editor item. There you will find all you need. Everything is working like and drag and drop application, so it’s really easy to control. You can use this plugin for free, or you can buy Pro version. This Pro version allows you to create a menu item for the specific user, or export menus for backups.

You can also purchase few superstructures for Admin Menu Editor. For example, Toolbar Editor or Hierarchy plugin which helps you to make better distribution items.

Manually editing code to modify WordPress admin menu

If you are a fan of programming or just want to have one hundred percent control over the site, you can also edit your source code all by yourself. This requires a basic knowledge of programming language PHP. If you choose this option, you will find the same items for editing as in the plugin Admin Menu Editor. So you can make submenus etc.

There is a specialized site in WordPress codex for it. You can find it on an official WordPress site. It contains not just examples of code but also descriptions of functions identified for it.

If you find any problem, you can also use one of many forums on this topic. You can use them not just for solving the problem, but also as an inspiration for your work.

For more information and download plugin you can visit official WordPress website


I hope that this article gave you all answers that you need. Do you use personalized WordPress admin menu? What are your main problems with that? How can it make your WordPress work better and more efficient? Let me know more in comments below.