How to find an ideal WordPress backup plugin

Backups are really important function that is crucial for every kind of IT and computer activity. You should always keep your data safe and have at least one more copy of every file.

The same rule concerns web pages too. There is a lot of plugins that can backup WordPress sites. Many of them can be the answer for questions like “What is the best way to backup WordPress?”. Below you can find some more hints that can help you select the best plugin for your backup needs.

During the process you can choose if you want to backup the whole site or just one part of it, like database for example. There are many free WordPress backup plugins specialized for every option.

WordPress database backup plugin

Database is one of the main parts of the website, it contains information about every web page like key words, name of the article, description etc.

One plugin that I can recommend is  WP Database backup, which controls backups and also is able to restore them. You can schedule automatic backup, which can save you a lot of time.

There are few options of  storage. You can choose some kind of cloud storage, like OneDrive, Google Drive and also Dropbox. Another possibility is to use FTP connection or just send files to your e-mail address.

This plugin is also easy to install which makes it one of best tools for WordPress in general.

Best way to backup WordPress site

On the other hand you can choose plugin for backing up the whole site. First one is Backup Guard which is one of the most popular tools. There is no limit for number of backups, you can create them how often you want.

You can backup files, database or both. Backup Guard can be also used for restoring and importing backups into site. There is also backup manager which helps you make your files safe and organized. All of this you can apply to a multi-site too. In the Pro version you can use many more features.

The second one is BackUpWordPress. This plugin will backup your entire site including your database. It is really simple to use and works in low memory. You can manage multiple schedules and gets all of your backup files by an email.

Every wordpress backup plugin is different, so don’t give up if some doesn’t contain every feature you need. You can read a forum from WordPress community, there is a lot of useful advice and tips. You can also ask a questions there to solve your problem better.