Images in WordPress: the complete guide part 1

The Internet is all around us. The billions of people use it every day. You can meet it at school, at work and even at home. The necessary part of a web content are images. They should illustrate the content and interest potential customers. In this article, we will show you how to work with images in WordPress. Today, we will talk about the image optimization for WordPress.

Why optimize images

Image optimization significantly influences the speed of the website. Websites which are a long loading discourage customers sooner than they will read the blog content or information about your services. That’s why you should optimize your images – to increase your website speed. Optimization also affects the search engine rankings, which will bring you more visitors, too.

How to optimize your images

The first step of the image optimization images in WordPress is to select the right image type and its resolution. The important thing for the optimization is the compression.

The image compression for WordPress

There are a lot of tools, which you can use for the image size decrease. There are WordPress plugins, graphics editors or online tools, which you can use for the compression. See below the list of the online tools.

Online tools for the image compression

A very simple and useful compression tool is the TinyPNG. There are no complicated settings – you upload the image and get the compressed one in a second. If you are looking for more options of the compression, you can use the ImageOptim. The are three options for the image quality. The also brings a lot of options for the compression. It has an user-friendly interface with a simple control panel. The only disadvantage of this tool is that it works only with JPEG files.

What is the right image compression

The goal of the image compression is to reduce file size and keep the best quality possible. You should try more options and tools for the compression to get the best results.

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