Images in WordPress: the complete guide part 2

Images and media, in general, hold a significant position in the web content. They can make the posts more interesting for the readers and can be an excellent illustration for your blog content. They can also improve the visual appeal of your site. In our previous article, we were talking about the size and resolution of images in WordPress. Today, we will present the complete guide about images in WordPress. The topic for today are the Royalty-free images.

Royalty free-images

What is a royalty-free image? Royalty free is one type of copyright, which can be used even in commercial projects. With this license, you don’t have to pay for every usage of an image, music or an intellectual property. The payment is usually implemented by membership or one-time fee. You can get the high-quality images for the lowest price. It is much cheaper than the custom images. A great example of a royalty-free license is an operating system such as Windows. You buy this system once and you can use it how long you want.
This license is used by many photobanks such as Shutterstock. You can edit these pictures by yourself but you can’t sell them or make them downloadable for free. The copyright still belongs to the original author. Before you use any images you should read the terms of use because the rules can be a little different on each site.

Where to find Royalty-free images?

The Royalty-free images are usually offered by the photobanks. You can find many of them on the internet. There is a few tips. offers a big database of high-resolution images. All of them are under the CCO license, which means that you can modify, distribute and publish them without asking for permissions. Another photobank with this license is Pixabay. On this website you don’t have to sign-up for a membership. There is also a variant from the Adobe too. Their product called Adobe stock. It is a great gallery of images, graphics, and videos. For the membership, you pay about $35,99 per month. One of the biggest photobanks is the Shutterstock. You can find more then 125 million royalty-free images, videos, and music. Its membership costs $199.

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