Managing Featured Image in WordPress

The thumbnails, since WordPress Version 3.0 also known as Featured Images, are representative pictures for pages and posts. It is one of the first things that your readers will see after loading the webpage. The thumbnails should capture and impress your readers. In this article, we would like to introduce you some tips, which will help you managing Featured Image in WordPress.

The right size of the Featured Image in WordPress

In the WordPress admin dashboard, you can find and edit predefined image resolution for all default types of images, which you can choose in WordPress (thumbnail, medium and large). Go to settings in your Admin Dashboard and click on “Media” option.

The thumbnail size has an attribute, which center and crop image to a set resolution. If you want to avoid this situation is necessary to edit image resolution to the set one. The medium and large size work in a little bit different way. In this case, you choose maximum resolution and image will adjust for this condition. You can add custom image resolutions, too. Here are the instructions how to do it.

How to set Featured Image in WordPress

“Set featured image” is a theme function, which you can find in your WordPress post editor, on the right-side panel in the “Featured image” section. Just click on the “Set featured image” button there.

This button opens Media Uploader. You can upload a new picture, or you can choose among uploaded files. How to work with Media Uploader we showed you in our “How to edit pictures in WordPress?” article.

After finishing your upload or choosing the image, click on the “Set featured image” button. If you would like to change the image you can click “Remove featured picture” and repeat the whole action.

The missing Featured Image function

The most WordPress themes have a built-in “Featured Image” function for the pages. You may wonder, why is this function missing from your pages on your WordPress site.
You should change “Screen options” of your “Posts” section in your WordPress post editor to make “Featured Image” function visible.
Go to your WordPress and click on the “Posts” –> “Add new” on the left – side panel. Then go to “Screen option” located on the right-side on top of the page and check if is the “Feature Image” option enabled.


Now you can scroll down and check if this section is part of your WordPress post editor like the picture below.

You may want to use only one picture for all of your posts. In this case, you can use one of many plugins. Find some tips in our “Plugins for managing Featured images in WordPress” article. We hope that this article helped you to manage your Featured Images in WordPress.