Plugins for better optimization of WordPress sites

WordPress is used by millions of people all over the world. It is open source and free content management system created for making websites, blogs, galleries and much more. WordPress sites are multiplatform, so you can use it across all systems. In this article I want to describe ways for better WordPress optimization.

Website optimization

Website optimization is one of most important things, that you have to set up during making of the website. It is affecting not only performance but also visits rate. You should choose great SEO at first. SEO contains key words which are used during searching via browsers.

The second rule says that you should keep your images and other multimedia files compressed. Especially pictures of high resolution make loading of the website slow. Problems with web performance can be caused by database or cache memory. Spammers can also affect lower transmissions, because repetitive text can be understood as trick for better SEO results and web locater moves your website to worse results.

WordPress performance

Now I would like to tell you more about seven plugins which should help you with improving performance of your WordPress site.

First of them – Yoast SEO plugin helps you to write better content and better optimize WordPress site. It is also able to analyze page and images including keywords or metatags. With premium account you can also use e-mail support. For images there is a  “WP smush”. It helps not just with keywords, but  you can also resize pictures with this plugin.

If you have any troubles with page speed, you can use another plugin called “W3 total cache”. The main goal of this plugin is to improve WPO (web performance optimization), it also supports VPN. W3 total cache belongs to one of the most used plugins for WordPress at all. According to page speed there is WP – optimize, specialized for cleaning and maintenance databases.

For monitoring site traffic and other statistics is there “Jetpack” – completely free plugin which you can also use for better image performance and security of your login. As an alternative you can choose also WP – statistics.

The last plugin from this article is Antispam bee, which is controlling all the posts and comments. It protects you from Spam messages. It is also completely free.

This is just  few options you can choose for better performance of your WordPress site, for more of them you can visit official WordPress webpage, where you can also find statistics of number of people using the plugin and their rating of it.