Plugins for embedding content into WordPress

Embedding content from one page to another is one of the most used features of the internet. We meet it across many pages and social networks. In our last article on the blog, we talk about the connection between SoundCloud and WordPress and described instruction for work with embed files. The whole process of the interaction with SoundCloud is very similar to the other pages and social networks such as YouTube, Facebook, Reddit or Spotify. The list of the supported websites you can find on the official site Today we would like to introduce you few plugins for embedding website content into your WordPress site.

Plugins for embedding SoundCloud music to WordPress

With SoundCloud is gold you can insert tracks, playlists, and favorites into your WordPress site. This plugin allows you to adjust the player by yourself. You can choose the color, size, set comments, autoplay, and others. You can also use the official SoundCloud player. SoundCloud is gold constructs shortcodes for you automatically you don’t need to remember any syntax.

On the other hand, you can use a not-specialized plugin for embedding music from SoundCloud. The iFrame is one of them. It enables you to insert from Google maps, YouTube, Vimeo, SlideShare, SoundCloud, and Twitter. All you have to do is insert URL into your WordPress text editor.

Embedding documents and tables into WordPress

TablePress is plugin specialized for creating and managing spreadsheets. You can insert these tables into your pages, sites, and widgets via generated shortcodes. The plugin also supports export/import from Excel, CSV, HTML and JSON files.

PDF is one of the most used file formats of these days. PDF Embedder is here to enable inserting PDF files into your site with viewer frame. This file will be formatted automatically by your page size, or you can specify dimensions by yourself. With this plugin will be your PDF’s mobile friendly and secure.

The last plugin for today is Google Doc Embedder. Google Doc Embedder is using Google Docs Viewer for viewing several types of document such as PDF, DocX, PPT, PSD, XPS, ZIP, and others. You can also enable downloads of these documents and manualy adjust the size of the viewer.

Haven’t you found suitable plugin yet? Try to contact us! We can make a plugin to your liking.