Plugins for managing Featured images in WordPress

The Featured images illustrate your content, they are the first thing, which will your readers see. In our last article on the blog, we tried to show you, how to manage your Featured image in WordPress. Today, we would like to introduce you few plugins, which should accelerate your work and bring you more opportunities for the task with Featured images.

Default Featured Image

The Featured Image is a function, which you can use on each of your posts. But the situation may occur, that you don’t have any Featured Image, or you want to set only one picture to all of your posts, which describes the whole page. In this case, there is an option to set Default Featured Image. This picture will by use only if you don’t choose any image. WordPress, unfortunately, doesn’t offer this function by default, so you need to use Default featured image plugin.

Multiple Featured Image

On the other hand, you may think about using more than one Featured Image for each post. With Dynamic Featured Image you can choose various Featured Images in a post or page. This plugin organizes pictures into categories by the theme. It is very helpful when you are working with other Thumbnail or Featured image plugins. You can also use Categories Images. It is a specialized plugin for sorting your Featured images into categories.

Auto Post Thumbnail

If you don’t waste your time by looking for Featured Images, you can use Auto Post thumbnail, which makes this work for you. This plugin will generate post thumbnail from the first image in your post. If the Featured image is already set, this plugin will do nothing. Auto post Thumbnail will also add a thumbnail for already posted pages or posts.

That’s all for today. For more plugin tips and other interesting articles about WordPress, please visit our blog.

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