Post scheduling in WordPress

WordPress post scheduling is one of the common jobs of blogging and promoting your content. You can find a special tool in WordPress, which you can use for this task. In this article, we will show you how to use it.

Why to schedule a post in WordPress?

There is a specific time each day when the site gets the most of its readers. This fact is really important and can noticeably increase the number of your readers. To get to know more how to use this information and what to do, you can read in our Tips for productivity.

However, there are several situations where you can use scheduling even if you don’t want to use it for your site marketing. First of all, you can live in a different time zone, then your readers are. Imagine the situation when you would like to post an article at 3 AM, scheduling posts can be very useful for this.

There are other situations where this tool comes very handy. For example, you are going on vacation but you want to be productive even at that time. Here is a very simple solution, just schedule your posts in WordPress! Or you can use it in everyday blogging life. You can be ready ahead, finish articles in advance and have them ready for the future. Maybe you just have a busy week, so you can use scheduled articles to be published automatically.

How to schedule a post in WordPress?

If you want to schedule a post you can write the article as usually. After completing the article, before you publish your work, click to “Edit” button near the option “Publish immediately”. It will show you calendar and time options. You just pick a day, month, year and hour. After that, just confirm your choice, click on OK and Schedule.

Timing is dependent on your readers and your traffic site. Really useful tool for this analysis is the Google Analytics.

We hope that this article helped you to manage post scheduling in WordPress. If you would like to use advanced post scheduling you can use these plugins and many others.

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