Simple Ways to Protect WordPress Login

It is no more a secret that how much useful the WordPress is when it comes to creating an excellent, customizable, expandable and flexible website or blogging forum. However, it is not everyone’s cup of tea to maintain all the required standards and basic WordPress security steps.

WordPress login protection is an important issue these days. It is pretty obvious that if you do your utmost in building a website but suddenly a security breach of the site happens then, it is not superb for your reputation. Therefore, we have a few suggestions that would help you to protect WordPress login, and their implementation will make it certain that there is no entryway left for hackers to your website.

Three steps to have wordpress secure login

Do Not Use “Admin” as Username

It is quite a common practice that people write “admin” as their username. Username is one part of login details, and if the hacker knows the username, he/she is halfway done. So, if you are also the one using “admin” as a login name then change it immediately and write-in a unique name that will give a tough time to a hacker. Anything that is not related to Admin or the name of your site if fine.

Here is an example of the security report. Many hackers start with testing Admin or Administrator as an username:



Use Two Different Users for Your Website

Do you have a single administrative account? If your answer is yes, then we strongly suggest making use of two different user accounts for the sake your WordPress login security. You may user the first, administrative role account, to handle the higher admin tasks like updating and plug-in managements, etc. While you may publish and edit articles and blogs or you may manage visitors’ or members’ comments using the second account with the role of editor etc.

Set a Strong Password

A strong password is of great importance for WordPress secure login. So, whenever you set a password for your WordPress account, do not forget to make use of letters, alphabets and symbols. If you are not much sure about how to create a strong password, then you can get help from some online directories like or any other. Moreover, it is better to update your password on a regular basis.

Want to improve WordPress Login Protection more?

2FA login

If you want to enhance the protection of your WordPress site, then you truly need to know about 2-factor authentication system. There is nothing much complicated but it is like an extra shield of protection in a way that you use an additional device like a mobile phone for your login.

So, whenever you try to login to your account, you would receive a security code on your mobile that you would have to enter for a successful login. It means if someone has to get access to your WordPress account, he has to steal your mobile phone first and obviously it is not that easy or is it?

Limit Login Attempts

Another strategy to protect WordPress login is limiting the number of login attempts because it will not give freedom to the hacker to play with the combination of letters, symbols and alphabets to guess your exact password. Login Security Solution plugin comes handy for this task.


As you can see, it is not rocket science to set up necessary protection of your WordPress login. It is always better to make few steps in advance than to repair already hacked WordPress site. If you need more help regarding WordPress Login Protection, feel free to contact our MyWPStaff team.