SoundCloud and WordPress

SoundCloud is the world biggest sound streaming and sharing platform, which enables users to promote their originally-created music. The millions of the beginning artists are uploading their creations to this social network. Our today’s blog post will introduce you the connection between Soundcloud and WordPress.

SoundCloud and WordPress with oEmbed

The WordPress has since version 3,5 built-in oEmbed support for SoundCloud such as for other popular services like YouTube or Twitter. The oEmbed feature makes embedding music and videos into your page or posts very easy.

Open your browser, go to Search for the artist, track, or podcast via the search bar.

Find your record in the results and click the song title or icon. Now you are on the song page. Copy URL of the webpage.

Go to your WordPress dashboard, add the new post (or page) and insert this URL into the text editor. Click to “Preview” in the “Publish” section. Now you can see song thumbnail with simple control panels. You can play the music, share this song, and comments are available too.

Problems with oEmbed for SoundCloud

The instruction below doesn’t work? Maybe your WordPress doesn’t support oEmbed for Soundcloud. In this case, you can add SoundCloud oEmbed function by yourself. Open your theme’s functions.php file and paste the following code:

function add_oembed_soundcloud() {
wp_oembed_add_provider( ‘*’, ‘’ );

That’s all. Now you can follow the instructions above.

If you don’t want to use the code option, you can also use some of many plugins which are specialized to the connection between Soundcloud and WordPress. You can also use our services of creating custom plugins.

The advanced connection between SoundCloud and WordPress

SoundCloud also offers the advanced options for embedding to WordPress. Find your song on the SoundCloud page and click on the share button below the player. When is the button missing, then the author doesn’t allow sharing, and embedding is impossible.

Now you can see the new dialog. Go to “Embed” tab. In the upper section of the window, you can set the size of the player. Then, in the “Options” section you can define a color of the player and set other options such as automatic play. Below the “Options” section you can see the preview of your player.

After finishing your edits, copy the WordPress code and go to your WordPress Admin Dashboard. Add new post/page. Switch from visual to the text editor and paste the code.
For change size and color of the player, you can also edit the code.

auto_play = (true or false) will determine whether the track will automatically start playing upon load
width/height = (px/%) will determine the dimensions of the player in pixel or %
color = will paint the play button
visual = (true or false) will determine if the player uses the new visual Soundcloud player. (This parameter must be set to false for the color parameter to work.)

That’s all for today. Hope that you learn everything that you need about SoundCloud and WordPress. If you are looking for more interesting articles about WordPress, please visit our blog.