The most useful plugins for WordPress and Google Analytics

The statistic service Google Analytics brings useful tools for understanding your customers or readers. Google Analytics allows you to understand your website and to measure the performance of your marketing, content, and product in a better way. You can find a lot of WordPress plugins to improve your productivity. Today we will present you the list of the most useful plugins for WordPress and Google Analytics, which we have ever used.

The most useful plugins for WordPress and Google Analytics

The Slimsat Analytics plugin gives you feedback from the customers and registered users. It monitors Javascript events, detects intrusions and analyzes email campaigns. The real-time analyze brings you an overview of the server latency and the information about page events. You can use widgets to display the reports in posts.

The use of the Google Analytics plugin allows you to add Google Analytics tracking code to your website without modification of any file. You can log in to your Google Analytics account directly from the WordPress dashboard. In this interface, you can also see your reports to analyze. This feature makes your WordPress an all-in-one tool. All of the plugin functions are completely free.

Google analytics dashboard

Google Analytics Dashboard plugin offers real-time reports of the number of visitors, acquisitions in channels, and details of the traffic. You can find the sessions, organic searches, pages statistics and reports from the traffic of all channels in All pages and All posts screens. This plugin works over the million devices. Another plugin – with the same title Google Analytics Dashboard by MonsterInsights brings very simple and user-friendly, which makes it very popular (as a result it has more the two million active installations). This tool allows you to watch the most important pieces of information from Google Analytics reports and statistic directly in your WordPress admin dashboard. It also supports Google Ads.

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