Tips for better productivity for WordPress bloggers

There are many ways of blogging; it is everyone’s decision which one to choose. In this article, I would like to introduce couple basic tips for improving your productivity during blogging in WordPress. It should help you to use your time better and make your work easier.

Stay focused

The Internet is a really big thing; it helps us communicate and get information in very fast and comfortable way. But it can also be a distracting element. To avoid distraction, you should make a time schedule for every task you have to do in every single day.

For example checking e-mails. Schedule few time slots for processing them during the day. And then do not control them outside these assigned time slots.Same goes for phone calls. You don’t have to be online 24/7 – it is not possible anyway.

Don’t try to multitask! It’s a myth. The first rule of productivity is to stay focused only on one goal. You should not try to be a computer and do two or more tasks at the same time. It is vital to make time schedule – again, and decide on the priority of every task. It’s still better to fulfill one goal for one hundred percent than five for twenty percent.

But it doesn’t mean that you can’t group more tasks into one! For example, if there are couple similar tasks you can choose a common approach and do them together during a single time slot to save your time.


First write, edit later

Everybody who tried to write any piece of text knows this rule. It is crucial to remember it. During writing you should focus only on one thing – the article. The results are always better.

The golden rule for writing is to wait with publishing for another day because you can see the content of an article in another light. Do not forget to send the text to another person, not just for the grammar check but to check if he understands your text well.

There is also “Quick Edit” in WordPress. It’s great option when you want to update the title, change date or add category and tags.

WordPress shortcuts

Shortcuts save our time in so many ways – you can ask every person who is working with a design or development software. You can use shortcuts In WordPress too. There is a list of some of them.

CTRL + B = Bold text

CTRL + I = Italic

CTRL + U = Underline

CTRL + 1 = H1 title tag (the same for all title tags 1-6)

If you would like to learn more, you can find some more here

Tip at the end: a great tool for a better productivity for WordPress bloggers is a “TO DO list” – list of every task that you should finish in a specific day. You won’t forget anything, and you will also see your progress during the whole process. You can use apps like Todoist or Trello to manage your everyday to-do list and tasks.