Tips for better productivity: post scheduling

If you are part of the blogging sphere, or just admin of some kind of fan page on Facebook, or other social network, you probably know how time consuming is posting pictures, or any different kind of posts to them. Then you are on the right place! In this article I would like to put you into magic of post scheduling.

Post scheduling

So, what is post scheduling about? As the title says it is procedure of scheduling specific posts to specific day and hour (even a minute). You can find many tools which are designated for this goals. However, before we will introduce them I would like to mention few tips which are making this whole task easier.

Do a research

There is a lot of articles with advices and tips about posting on social network that you can find on the internet. You can find tips for best timing and even tips for choosing type of posts for each social network.

Divide and rule  

You should create some kind of strategy at first. If you are posting on more social networks (on Facebook and Twitter for example), you should partition kind of posts that you would like to posts to each of them. Every social network is different so you should be focus on the main importance of each.

Create a plan

After research and sorting posts is time for creating basic plan of posting. This plan should contains the best timing for scheduling on every social network. That means that you should determine special day and hour for publishing every kind of post.

Choose the best way

After all of these steps are done is there final step – choosing right tool for scheduling. The most popular of them you can find below.

Tools for post scheduling


The first tool that I would like to talking about is Hootsuite. It is really synoptic web app. You can use it for Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Linkedln, WordPress, Instagram and YouTube. There is really simple dialogue on the top of page where you can choose social network (even more) to upload picture (or any other kind of post), create shorter link and the most important, you can choose any day and hour from the calendar. You can also checking new comments and likes in streams which you can choose to follow.



Postify is working on the same principle as Hootsuite above. Moreover is here possibility for creating some kind of concept of post. So you can save them here and schedule them after finishing. You can use it for Twitter, Facebook, Linkedln and


Third tool for scheduling posts on social networks is Postcron. You can use this app for scheduling posts to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedln, Pinterest and Instagram. The main advantage of this tool is that you can predefined publishing time. So, if you, for example often use Wednesday 3AM, you can select it only ones, after that just click for this choise, it can save a lot of time.

It’s all for today, I hope that you found some interesting info that will helps you.