Tips for better productivity: TO DO list

If you have ever worked on any bigger project or group project at school or at your work you definitely had to create some kind of time schedule for managing time to succesfully finish your work before the deadline. Time management is really important for all complex tasks. One of the most important parts of it, is making of a To Do List.

What is a To Do List?

The To Do List is a really simple tool to make your work more productive and easier. Basically it is a list of all things that you have to do to achieve the goal of your work. The To Do List is a really important part of time management, which is neccesary for making your work on task productive, easy and clear. It saves time, a lot, trust me.

You should have a basic conception of all projects in your head at first. After that, making of a To Do List is so easy. Just put it all on the paper in easy steps and assign them to each day. For example you can choose the first three steps to the first day, another two to the day after etc. The best time to write a To Do List is the night before each day, it can help you to start the new day with clarity. You should also keep your list prioritized. Always decide which steps are the most important and should be done first.

Apps can make it easier!

If you are a kind of modern technologies fan, you can also choose some of very long list of the To Do List apps, which are designed for this usage. For creating basic To Do List you can use for example One Note from Microsoft. One Note is a software intended for making notes, lists and simple documents, there are many tools that you can use for your To Do List (for example check box). One of the biggest advantages of this software is that you can use it not just on your PC or laptop, but also on your smartphone or tablet. This app is a multiplatform, so you can use it on Android, iOS and even on Windows Phone devices.


A specialized web app for the To Do List is also Trello, for example. In Trello you can create special boards (for every project, if it’s necessary). In each board you can create columns (for every day, for example) and in every column you can create cards. In cards you can write description of your step, you can also create check lists, determine due dates (deadlines) and other stuff. Trello is also a really great tool for communication in a group or some kind of a work team. You can leave comments with notes or advices and share them with your coworkers, too. There is also a mobile app that is avaliable on your mobile devices such as tablet or smartphone.


I hope that this text inspires you for making your own To Do List and helps you with the whole process.