Top plugins for editing pictures in WordPress

In our last article on the blog we introduced you simple editing tool for pictures builded in WordPress. Now we would like you to show you plugin alternatives which offer more complex edits. You can find top 5 Image editors in our selection.


First plugin of our pick is Pikiz. This editor allows you to work with text layers, crop and resize pictures. Brings 200 fonts and more than 1000 free pictures for editing. This is very usage during creating social media or blog covers.

You can also use filters for color change, emoji or stickers that you know from social networks such as Facebook.

This plugin is completely free to use.


Image focus

The other plugin from our list, developed by brings you more advanced edits for cropping pictures. You just choose the most important selection of an image and plugin will focus to create finale picture with this main part. So you didn’t have to crop all images by the size, because this editor will prepare it by your selected focus. It makes pictures more interesting and also helps your readers to find point that you want them to see.

This plugin is also completely free to use.

Image Focus

Buooy aviary

This plugin brings probably the most advanced options for editing. You don’t have to be worry about color corrections anymore. Aviary has integrated “Color fix” tool for this cases, it also solves light issues such as too dark or too light part of an image.
You can use more than 100 preset effects to make your illustrations more interesting, colorful and originally. There is also a lot of frames and stickers.
There are also basic edit options like crop, rotating and resizing pictures. You can also modify contrast, brightness and saturation. All this functions in automatic or handy mode.
With an advanced tools you can remove red eyes from portraits, make teeth whiten and use simple retouching brush.
Aviary makes text too! So you can prepare your banners quickly and simple only by this WordPress plugin.

Buooy Aviary Editor

Vectr embedded graphics editor

Vectr is right choice for those who would like to work with a vector graphic. This simple but powerfull plugin allows you to make complicated banners, creating logos. Helps you during your work with infographic, image-collages or watermarks. You can also use automatic SEO optimization.

This editor is cross platform, so you can use it on any device via url all completely free.

Vectr – Embedded Graphics Editor


The last plugin of our selection brings typical Photoshop features such as work with layers and history tracking which help you to get your work with images to next level. Layers are inherent part of any sophisticated grafic work. You will see, they make life so much easier.
But don’t worry, this editor is also for beginners. They can use predefined templates which work like a filters. You can also use them for group edits of pictures – all pictures will have the same size, the same color etc. There is also option for creating your own templates to save your time.
DigiWidgets supports Google fonts which you can use for creating banners, infographics and other.
From basic edits you can crop, rotate, resize or flip your pictures, correct brightness, contrast and greyscale.

You can choose between two version of this image editor. Premium brings you unlimited custom templates, more options for cropping and more filters.

DigiWidgets Image Editor

So, this was our selection of top 5 image editor plugins. We hope that this list helped you to find the best for you.