Two Free Themes for WordPress Membership Website

Are you preparing your new WordPress membership website? Do you wonder what theme to use? You are on the right track. I have jotted down some handy information about two of the free WordPress themes for your membership website. But firstly, let us be a little clearer about the importance of WordPress themes and the attributes that make them so cherished.

Key ideas to consider when selecting theme for WordPress membership site

  • Good theme with good plugins makes the data management easy
  • It enhances the outlay of your website or blog
  • A well designed and well-organized membership website not only grabs the attention of the visitor and encourages them to get registered as regular member
  • Properly HTML coded theme may work for the SEO
  • Seamlessly HTML coded WordPress theme will render your website well for all browsers
  • Easily customizable for needs of membership website

What Makes a WordPress Theme to be the best Choice?

There are a lot of attributes that you must look for while choosing a theme for your WordPress Membership site. However, I strongly believe that the below mentioned attributes are a must for the success of WordPress membership websites.

  • SEO plugin inclusion
  • Eye-pleasing layout
  • Easy customization
  • Commendable responsiveness
  • Mobile friendly interface provision
  • High-security features

While as far as we are talking specifically about membership sites so a good theme for such sites will be the one that provides commendable plugins regarding membership.

My Pick of Two Free WordPress Themes

Here are the details for two of the free WordPress themes that I use for my membership website, and results are incredibly good. In addition to their general features, both of these themes go impeccably well for membership plugins, and they provide you with the utmost solutions for your membership site with WordPress. The best part that I find out of these themes is their integrated plugin for WishList members, general membership plugin and the overall system for WordPress.

1. Vantage by SiteOrigin


Vantage Site Origin Website Link:

If you are tired of switching between different themes, then Vantage is an answer to all of your concerns. Here are the reasons that make it the best choice as a theme for membership site in WordPress:

  • It is free
  • It has flawless plugin integration
  • It makes your website highly responsive
  • It gives stunning design to your membership sites WordPress
  • It comes with an amazing coding quality
  • Vantage improves your business with its wonderful integration with WooCommerce

In short it is a complete package as a theme for membership website with WordPress.

2. Responsive by CyberChimps


Website Link

Another WordPress membership website theme that I have been taking advantage of is “Responsive” by CyberChimps. Especially, if you are planning for a mobile friendly interface then no other theme could be as good as “Responsive” is. Key features of this theme include:

  • It is a standalone theme
  • It is free
  • It comes with appreciable “Fluid Stackable Grid System”
  • It has nine templates with discrete layouts
  • It provides responsiveness

What’s better theme for WordPress membership website?

Though I have used both of the themes mentioned above I preferably enjoy working with Vantage. Get benefited of these excellent themes and do let me know about your experience and preferred choice of these two.

Moreover, if you need any further assistance regarding the usage and setup of these themes, or you simply want to make more of these themes, then please check services provided by MyWPStaff team. Here, you will get a trustworthy solution for your each and every problem as regards the WordPress Membership Website themes.