Two wordpress countdown plugins for product launch

Publication in the Journal of Management Studies revealed that planning helps companies grow faster. Hence, applying a well-planned strategy in your product launch process is guaranteed to give you amazing results. You can achieve it using a WordPress countdown plugins.

The Harsh Reality of Product Launches

Almost all entrepreneurs feel that their products are unique. However, the harsh reality is that your product is just one among countless others.

Product Hunt, which curates all manner of new websites, mobile apps, and technology products, receives hundreds of submissions daily. And that’s just one site out of more than 110,000 other major e-commerce websites!

Considering the overwhelming number of products that are constantly being churned out online, you need an excellent strategy to keep your target clients from clicking past your product and moving on to the next all shiny thing’ on the web. If you don’t capture the attention of potential clients before they leave your site, you might never get them back.

Fortunately, a countdown WordPress plugin can help you capture your target audience, by creating one of the most powerful elements in marketing: scarcity.

Take Advantage of the Power of Scarcity Using a Countdown Plugin for WordPress

When you use a WordPress plugin countdown, your target clients will stay on longer to view what your offer is about and even purchase it, just in case the offer expires and they miss out on something particularly useful. In fact, many studies have shown just how powerful the element of scarcity is in influencing buying decisions.

For instance, a study by the University of Nebraska showed that buyers experienced a greater urgency to buy, motivated by the anticipated regret if they didn’t take advantage of a limited-time offer. Placing a countdown timer on your sales page would produce a powerful psychological effect on potential clients, spurring them to take action.

The Best Countdown Plugins to Use on Your Sales Page

Among the existing WordPress countdown plugins, two particularly effective ones stand out

Evergreen Countdown Timer

This plugin offers an excellent solution for product launching throughout the year, not just a one-time offer. The plugin customizes the timer for each user who visits your landing page, hence the name evergreen countdown timer. A timer that’s personalized for each visitor ensures that your offer runs on endlessly, yet still retaining the urgency to convert potential leads into paying customers.

You have the option of a free version featuring standard and evergreen countdowns; as well as premium versions with extra features including unlimited countdowns, varied timer themes, custom CSS, automatic resetting time, and IP tracking.

Find more about Evergreen Countdown Timer.


Page Expiration Robot

This intelligent plugin can automatically expire posts and pages, then redirect visitors to different offers or URLs. The timer on offers, pages and posts can be personalized for each visitor. Such a timer is sure to grab the attention of undecided clients, who would then be more likely to take action immediately instead of postponing their buying decision until later (which often means never).

You can use the standard and evergreen countdowns on the free version, or upgrade to premium versions with extra features like unlimited countdowns, widget placement, sticky bars, varied timer themes, reset loops and expiration by IP. Applying such countdown plugins will make a powerful impact on your product launch, which is sure to result in even greater momentum in your marketing operations.

Learn more about Page Expiration Robot



Scarcity + Product Launch = Better results

Incorporating scarcity to sales process of your product will have an impact on your final sales.  Many internet entrepreneurs will confirm that using this tactic increased their revenue significantly.  WordPress Countrown Plugins are a simple way how to arrange it on your website.