Use VPN connection to enhance WordPress site security

Bloggers adore freedom. They don’t like sitting in the suffocating office and working from 9a.m. till 6p.m. There is no wonder that they choose green parks or cozy cafes to do their job. As a result, they prefer Wi-Fi networks to cable Internet without realizing that it is not secure at all.

On one hand, Wi-Fi networks are usually free and provide the flexibility to its users, on the other hand, they have no data security. All the passwords, data, documents, communication, WordPress logins can be easily stolen or used by the other users. Moreover, your passwords, card numbers, CVV codes may easily become available to the other people.

There are plenty of articles depicting how people lost the money having used airport free Wi-Fi for online purchases. By the way, the existence of the Wi-Fi password can be just a formality. Usually, WEP coding of the passwords is used and it can be easily cracked even by means of the phone. Only VPN coding can increase your WordPress site security.

How can VPN secure your WordPress login

So, what is VPN and how can it secure your WordPress login and blog? It is the name of a created protected network or a tunnel inside a non-protected network. It protects the data by means of special coding and changing the data during the exchange between the computer and the web-site or web-service.

VPN can help to hide your real IP address ad become anonymous and to code the traffic, which is transferred from the computer to the destination point and keep your data confidential, including your WordPress login and password. These are only two examples of various possibilities of the VPN technology.

Secure WordPress Site Login with VPN

Select the best VPN and increase wordpress site security

There are plenty of VPN services and all of them have their own features and cost. I always use TorGuard VPN connection when writing my WordPress blog via Wi-Fi. It is really a value for money. It costs only $9.99 per month or $19.99 quarterly or $29.99 semi-annual. So, it will be really cheaper to buy a long-term licence. TorGuard provides plenty of advantages. It has a proxy server based on BitTorrent which is designed for the safe file sharing and it sends the traffic from the tens of IP servers all over the world which helps to make you anonymous. 256-bit coding with OpenVPN technology is a bright proof of extremely high security of TorGuard. When using it, I never worry about my WordPress blog login and password. Moreover, I’m sure that no data will be saved even at the provider. In addition, TorGuard gives the possibility to block all the spam that you may get on your mailbox. For the moment, I see only advantages of using this VPN system.

In order to start using TorGuard for your WordPress blog security, you have to download TopGuard Client and install it on your PC, select your desired location, select the “Protocol” (UDP is the best to choose). After that, fill in your TorGuard username and password, press “remember credentials” and proceed with the login. When you see “Verified” near the Public IP, it means that you can safely write your WordPress blog and your login, password and other data are in safety. Don’t forget to turn on TorGuard every time before you start working via Wi-Fi. Enjoy your new safe experience with WordPress when working via Wi-Fi. I’m sure, you’ll love it.